Anhui Henning Saint Technology Co., Ltd.


Anhui Henning Saint Technology Co., Ltd. (AHST), established in 2017, is a high-tech company that develops, produces and sells intelligent vision equipment with mature intelligent sorting and packaging system integration solutions. It is mainly engaged in color sorting industry, vision counting industry, packaging industry, etc. AHST has developed on sorting equipment for more than 5 years, which has built wide experience in food, recycling, mining and other fields. At the same time, AHST can provide customized counting, packaging, labeling and other complete solutions according to various customer needs, which are widely used in hardware, fasteners, electronic parts, plastic parts and other industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical and food fields.


AHST is committed to developing more advanced technology and optimized production processes to ensure stable and high quality output for our customers. AHST provides free sample proofing and life-long technical service. The outstanding quality, advanced technology and professional after-sales service make AHST stand out from other competitors.


AHST is convinced the original intention of "More Intelligent, More Convenient, More Outstanding" to make contribution both for customers and international intelligent industry.



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